12 Weeks Gestation

Case 1: Specimen and image information (in-utero)

Below are video clips of normal fetal anatomy at 12 weeks gestation, visualised by in-utero 3D ultrasound imaging with with CrystalVue™ and RealisticVue™ rendering applied. A healthy fetal specimen from the Carnegie Collection of a similar gestation and representing comparable development and morphology has been selected to compare the visualised anatomical structures.

How to use the video clips?

Start the video clips by pressing the play button. Click on the sections below each clip to view annotated still images from each clip with highlighted anatomical structures. For detailed information about each specimen, click on the “information” section below the video.

3D in-utero ultrasound volume of a healthy fetus at 12 weeks gestation, imaged as part of the PRECISE study. RealisticVue and CrystalVue™ rendering have been applied. The volume is sectioned in the coronal plane to visualise internal structures. Moving in a dorsal-ventral direction through the volume, structures such as the kidneys can be recognised. At 0:13, CrystalVue complexity is increased, making structures more see-through to enable visualisation of the stomach, lungs, liver and diaphragm. Image credit: H. Shah, unpublished data.

Histological sections of a fetal specimen from the Carnegie Collection, estimated at around 11 weeks gestation (CRL 42mm). The specimen is sectioned in the coronal plane, allowing for comparison of the anatomy visualised by 3D ultrasound imaging presented in the left pane. Image credit: B.S. de Bakker, unpublished data.

3D fetal model based on reconstruction of anatomical structures identified in the histological sections shown in the middle pane. Image credit: B.S. de Bakker, unpublished data.